The Pathway Process: A Model of Life Coaching for Women

During the last decade, the field of life coaching has exploded. People are no longer settling for simply surviving in this world, instead they want to thrive. This holds true especially for women as the Women’s Movement enabled us to redefine what womanhood means on a personal level. In the United States, and many other countries, women can now choose to shed the traditional role of womanhood and create their own interpretation that reflects their unique needs and desires.

The Pathway Process of Life Coaching

The Pathway Process is a life coaching model created exclusively for women. It recognizes that the external barriers that once held us back from living empowered and fulfilling lives have begun to loosen. However, many women still struggle with internal barriers, life transitions, setbacks, disappointment, and trauma that prevent them from living the life they’ve dreamed of and need support.

In 2007, I developed the Pathway Process to help women live more empowered and authentic lives. It has been such an honor winessing the the transformations of thousands of women. However, as I was training to become a life coach, I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to go about doing this. While attending a foundational course in life coaching, I realized that the generic, goal-oriented methods just didn’t resonate with me.

My prior training as a Social Worker enabled me to recognize that everyone is created with differing personalities, opinions, and ways of viewing the world. I knew that the type of life coaching I wanted to offer would need to honor the uniqueness of each woman.

Deep Coaching
My disillusionment with the generic approach to coaching led me to search for something deeper. That’s when I discovered a book that introduced me to a new life coaching method. That book was Deep Coaching: Using the Enneagram as a Catalyst for Profound Change by Roxanne Howe-Murphy, E.D., and reading it literally gave me goose bumps. This is the way I wanted to coach.

As a seasoned life coach and Enneagram scholar, Roxanne began unfolding a way of coaching that differed from the approaches I was familiar with. Unlike conventional coaching methods that focus on achieving tangible goals through planning and accountability, Deep coaching delves into the psyche, focusing on the inner work of uncovering the thoughts, behaviors, and patterns that are holding you back. Once those barriers are brought to the surface and addressed, then you can begin the goal setting process. This approach to coaching lays the foundation for long-lasting transformations.

The Enneagram

A core component of the Deep Coaching model is the Enneagram Personality Mapping System, which identifies nine distinct personality types. Each type has specific ways of viewing and interacting with the world and with people. Understanding your Enneagram type can lead to profound personal growth and the ability to interact more fully with others.

The Enneagram sheds light on how to be less constrictive in your personality and embrace innate strengths that have been dormant for years. This awakening can enable you to release limiting thoughts and behaviors, reach your full potential, and become the truest version of yourself.

Benefits of the Pathway Process
The inspiration and connection I felt to the Deep Coaching model led me to enroll in the Deep Coaching Institute where I received my certification. Although I embraced this methodology, I felt a more expansive model of coaching could help women tap into their unlimited potential and live more empowered lives. This belief birthed the Pathway Process.

Using the Enneagram Personality Mapping system along with principles of deep life coaching, positive psychology, and neuroscience, this process allows you to unearth your core personality traits and harness your innate strengths while shedding the habitual thoughts and behaviors that are holding you back in life.

The Pathway Process is comprised of customized paths designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery. This approach to coaching offers the opportunity to discover the woman you were meant to be and the barriers that are getting in the way of becoming her. As you gain a stronger sense of self, you’ll begin to identify your core values and learn to honor them so you can live your life with a sense of purpose, passion, and fulfillment.

The final step of the Pathway Process is to deeply connect with your purpose for being, set intentions for how you want your life to look and feel, and create specific goals that will help you manifest your heart’s desires so you can build a life you love.

Is the Pathway Process of Life Coaching Right for You?

The Pathway Process guides you through your transformation in a way that allows for both fluidity and structure enabling you to embrace your authentic self and reach your full potential. Since 2007, the Pathway Process has proven its effectiveness by helping thousands of women gain a profound understanding of who they are, discover a sense of purpose, navigate life’s transitions, become more resilient, release negative beliefs and attitudes, and live more fulfilling and empowered lives.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Pathway Process and how it can help you become the best version of yourself, contact me for a free consultation.