Take Off Your Masks And Reveal The Real You

Halloween appears to be one of America’s favorite holidays. It’s a night where one can forget who they are and take on the alter ego of a sexy vixen, a scary monster,or even a cuddly animal. How fun this special day is!

But wait, is this the only night of the year this happens?

Psychologists are in agreement that most of us wear different masks throughout the day.  These masks serve many purposes.

  • To gain social acceptance
  • To hide vulnerability
  • To be loved
  • To hide fear
  • To disguise anger
  • To suppress depression/anxiety

Put on frequently enough, these masks create a false persona of who you truly are. On the other hand, making a conscious effort to let go of these masks sets you free to become the real YOU.

Shedding Your Masks

It’s taken years for you to mask your authentic self so how does the Real You emerge?

Become Your Inner Observer

Quiet your mind through meditation,  yoga, tai chi, forms of martial arts, walking meditations, and the mindfulness practice of being present in the here and now.   As you engage in these modalities your Inner Observer will emerge.

It is the part of you that is keenly aware of how your thoughts and behaviors are creating your state of existence. Without judging them, you have the option of catching yourself in the act of engaging in negative thoughts and behaviors and making a 360 to engage in a more positive way of being.

Acquaint Yourself With the Enneagram Personality Mapping System

There is a powerful and dynamic system, called the Enneagram, (pronounced any-a-gram) that can help you to reconnect to your authentic self. It accurately describes nine distinct and fundamentally different personality styles, each of which has its own pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting.  It enables you to free yourself from who you think you should be and learn who you truly are. I am delighted to offer you the opportunity to take this personality assessment for free by simply clicking on this link.

Connect To Your Core Values

Have you ever witnessed a dog trying to catch its tail? It runs in circles getting nowhere. In the end, it’s a fruitless effort. You replicate this behavior when you are out of alignment with your core values. Your core values serve as an internal compass guiding you to live a life filled with purpose and passion. Ultimately, they are the foundation of who you are.

Unfortunately, as you live life you begin to overlay others’ values onto your own. This process takes you further and further away from your authentic self. To reclaim yourself and live a fulfilling life it is important to reconnect with your core values.


These are just a few suggestions to get started on the journey of becoming the Real You.  Once you are on this incredible path you can become the unstoppable women you were created to be.