Stop The Insanity of Making New Year Resolutions


Albert Edison’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This certainly holds true for making New Year resolutions. Why do we keep making the same resolutions each year knowing that we didn’t keep them the year before and the year before that? According to researcher, Richard Wiseman 88% of all those set resolutions from half of America and probably lots of other people in the world fail. He estimated that 156 million failed resolutions each and every year. Yes, that is insanity!

To disarm the insanity of making resolutions that will not stick consider placing an intention on what you so desire from a mindful place. This differs significantly from a half-hearted attempt that is driven by the shoulds of what you think you should be striving to change.

Find a Tranquil Environment
The first step in making mindful resolutions is to find a tranquil environment where you can quiet your mind and feel at peace. This will differ for everyone. For you, it could be a setting deep in the woods, for another person it could be a special room in their home that invites a relaxed state.

Deepening Into Your Heart’s Desires

Take a few deep breaths, exhale, and begin to quiet your “monkey mind”. Let your thoughts go, focus on your breath and drop into your heart. How do you want to show up in 2015? Maybe you want to reconnect to that curious little girl you once were or to live more passionately. Your heart’s desire may prompt you to live more authentically. Really connect to the longing.
Once you have gained clarity of what your heart’s desire is write down these inner longings and begin to create an intention around them.

Creating A Mantra to Support Your Intention

Devinder Kaur, director of PranaShanti yoga center in Hintonburg, Canada suggests using a mantra to support your intention. What is a mantra? Kaur says it’s a tool that allows us to train the mind through repetition. It’s made up of two words in the classical Indian language, Sanskrit: man or “mind” and tra meaning “instrument.”

Unlike a resolution, which is stated once at the beginning of the year, a mantra is repeated every day as a way to reinforce and reflect on your intention. Here are some examples. Have fun creating your own.

• I choose to honor my core values and live in alignment with them.
• I focus on what I have to be grateful for.
• I fuel my body with healthy delicious, nutritious food.

The subconscious mind will begin to accept these intentions and support you in manifesting them in the New Year. The possibilities of what you can achieve in the New Year are endless. Setting intentions opens the door to becoming the woman you were created to be.