Rid Yourself Of Suffering and Trauma Using the Rewind Hypnosis Technique

Overcome Fears, Worry, and Traumatic Events

Our experiences shape who we are. If a traumatic event has occurred in your life, you may be controlled by it and not even realize the extent that the emotional scars of the past have in stopping you from enjoying your most fulfilling life.

Whether you’re holding on to sexual or physical abuse, rape, loss of a loved one, or overwhelming fear and worry, I help you overcome these incidents with the Rewind Hypnosis Technique – a technique that lessens the pain of traumatic incidents, fears, and excessive worry that consumes you.

How the Rewind Technique Works

Your traumatic memory causes recurring fear and worry because the event replays and reprocesses inside your brain. Trauma hardwires your thinking patterns. To heal you on a subconscious level, the Rewind Technique stops the automatic triggering of fight, flight, or freeze behaviors that keep you stuck.

Have you ever felt that sense of panic? A terrible memory makes your heart pound too fast; your palms sweat; your pupils dilate, and you may even feel sick to your stomach.

This is how the Rewind Technique lets you live without traumatic events replaying in your mind:

I induce a hypnotic trance, and ask you to recall or imagine a place where you feel totally safe and at ease. This relaxed state is then deepened, and I ask you to imagine that in this safe place you have a TV set, a video player, and remote control.

Then you imagine yourself watching the TV screen, without actually seeing the picture, enabling you to create a significant emotional distance.

You then watch yourself watching a video of the traumatic event or the incident that created fear or excessive worry. The video starts where the incident occurred and finishes at the point at which it ended, and then you felt safe again.

Following this segment, I ask you to imagine pressing the remote control rewind button, enabling you to travel very quickly back and forth quickly through the incident from safe point to safe point.

This process is repeated at a speed controlled by you as many times as needed until the emotional response is no longer present.

The Science Behind Rewind Hypnosis Technique

The Rewind Technique works very simply to “‘unhook” the emotional experience from the actual event, enabling the brain to recode the information, freeing you from the suffering that you have been enduring.

It is such an effective technique because the traumatic memory or the incident that is creating fear or excessive worry is re-processed and re-encoded in the brain. This re-encoding stops the automatic triggering of the fight or flight response whenever the memory is accessed. This is what causes your heart to race, your palms to sweat, your pupils to dilate, the butterflies in your stomach just thinking of the traumatic memory or what created your fears and worry.

A neutral memory will be processed in the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain that processes new learning and recent events. When a memory starts to feel less recent then it starts to be activated in different areas of the neocortex. So the old memories feel less recent because they are stored in a different part of your mind.

High levels of the stress hormone cortisol can block this natural process from occurring, so the memory doesn’t fade and is constantly reactivated in the hippocampus and therefore alerts the amygdala (your emergency warning system) as if it’s happening in the present times. So, it feels very recent or current to think about it.

The Rewind Technique effectively recodes the way the memory is processed, which means that moving forward this memory feels more distant and starts to feel past rather than current.

Make a commitment to put trauma, worry, and fear behind you, so that you can start living the life you desire. I invite you to book a free 30-minute phone or Zoom consultation to learn about this powerful hypnosis technique.