Life As a Spiral to ancient Asian philosophy, life is not a  circle bur a spiral. Every life lesson that has ever been presented to you (which means everything you have ever been through) will come back again, in some form , until you learn it. And the stakes each time will be higher.

Whatever you’ve learned will bear greater fruit. Whatever you ‘ve failed to learn will bear harsher consequences. Whatever didn’t work in your life before this point was a reflection of the fact that you hadn’t yet integrated the different parts of yourself. Where you didn’t yet accept yourself, you attract  a lack of acceptance in others. Where you hadn’t yet dealt with your shadows, you manifest shadowy situations. Broken parts of you encountered broken parts of others.

~Marianne Williamson


What is a pattern that keeps on showing up in your life that does not serve your best interest? How can you begin to move out of this pattern?