Life Coaching For Women

Step Onto Your Own Unique Path of Fulfillment

Stop living an unlived life! As a certified life coach, I can help you unpeel the layers of confusion, frustration, pain, and the inner story you’ve been telling yourself that has prevented you from living the life you so desire.

What Will You Experience?

You’ll experience a warm and supportive coaching environment where you are viewed as whole and that nothing within you needs to be fixed. I’ll encourage you to connect to the core of who you are and live a limitless life.

Confidentiality is a key component of the coaching process, so you can feel free to share your inner most concerns, thoughts, and desires with me. Together, we will design a personalized action plan to help you move through life transitions, challenges,uncertainty, or the pain you are currently experiencing.

It is possible to live a more empowered life and connect to your heart’s desires!

The Pathway Process ™ of Life Coaching For Women

A customized process of life coaching that helps women tap into their true essence and unlimited potential. Regardless of what life transition, challenge, or emotional wounding you currently face, the Pathway Process™ helps you awaken to your true essence. This is the part of you that can never be destroyed.

The Pathway Process™ was born out of my own personal awakening, coupled with the disillusionment I felt with “generic” models of how to help women. I was determined to create a customized process that acknowledges the uniqueness of each woman and addresses her particular needs.

Your true essence holds the key to unlock your talents and strengths, your essential qualities, and your life purpose. It hasn’t been overlaid with others’ opinions, values, or standards. It is you in the purest form—brimming with unlimited potential.

Become The Best Version of YOU

The Pathway Process™ of Coaching begins your process of awakening using the Enneagram Personality Mapping System. This transformational method helps you to identify your unique personality type. Once we pinpoint your dominant type, you’ll begin to connect to your talents and strengths, along with the behaviors and attitudes common to your type that can trip you up in life. It’s a customized way of life coaching that sets it apart from other coaching models.

Your Own Personal Toolbox for Empowerment

Imagine what it would feel like to have your own personal toolbox to maneuver through life. To strengthen your journey of self discovery, you’ll gain access to your own personal client coaching library that houses power packed coaching assessments and introspective exercises personalized to your unique personality type.

Your responses will serve as talking points throughout our coaching sessions to promote personal and professional growth. You will have access to the library for a life time without any additional cost.

Experience the Benefits and Live An Unlimited Life

Awaken to your authentic self and let go of the shoulds of who you think you should be

Connect to your core values and be guided onto your own path of fulfillment

Let go of others' standards and live life based on your own

Let go of negative self talk and gain the confidence to show up in the world

Gain clarity about your life’s purpose and go after what you are meant to do

Create a more balanced life so that you can appreciate what life has to offer

Powerful Life Coaching Sessions For Women

1 hour in length
4, 8, or 12 session packets
Access to client coaching library
Weekly or bi-weekly
Zoom, or phone
In -person in Palm Beach Gardens, FL 

The Pathway Process ™ Success Stories

“The Pathway Process™ of Life Coaching’s profound exercises and assessments along with Melinda’s gentle coaching have helped me to quickly recognize and embrace the wonderful transformation happening within my life. I have been able to identify my life purpose and focus on fulfilling it personally and professionally. I would highly recommend Melinda and the Pathway Process of Life Coaching.”


“The Pathway Process™ of coaching helped me to develop the courage to recognize the patterns and passions, of my personality type even if one is “slothness”. I was not too happy to recognize it in myself, but how freeing it has been to start unraveling my life and my belief system and start to heal from the untruths from my early childhood They would have continued to go unchecked the rest of my life had I not met Coach Melinda. Receiving the tools like the daily “enneathought” and continuing to understand my personality type has been so enlightening and exciting actually, it’s so reassuring. But mostly Melinda’s passion, her faith in humanity and her coaching me in such a solid, grounding manner has helped me start living my life in accord with which I truly am and to live with courage and clarity.”


“Melinda helped me to gain clarity about what I wanted the second half of my life to look and feel like. She is a very soothing, informative coach who seems to really be happy to lead women onto a more productive and happy second half of life. I would recommend the Pathway Process to any woman who is going through a midlife transition.”


Invest in yourself, and step onto your path of
empowerment by awakening to you.