4 Blocks That Prevent Living a Fulfilling Life

According to Bruce D. Schneider, author of Energy Leadership, there are four blocks that hold you back from living a fulfilling life.  These are:

  1. Limiting beliefs that you have about yourself
  2. False assumptions from the past
  3. Erroneous interpretations about your past
  4. Listening to the voice of your “Inner Critic”

You have a choice to continue to let these four block rule your life or begin to take action to change your life. Start living consciously and become present as to how these blocks are negatively affecting your life. Instead of accepting this is a way of life for you challenge these limiting beliefs. Provide evidence to the contrary. Question the truth about these statements.

Reevaluate assumptions from your past 

Ask yourself, ” Just because that happened in the past will it happen again?

Challenge Interpretations from your past 

The question, ” What’s another way to look at that?” can help you to challenge your interpretations from the past.

Disarm your Inner Critic

Your Inner Critic is an inner abuser. Bring it out of the shadows by giving it a name. This enables you to begin to detach from it. Learn to recognize its voice and the impact it has on you. It is usually critical, fear-based, and authoritarian. It makes you feel deflated and less than who you are. Challenge its statements, give it a task to do. Say” STOP,  I’m not listening to you.” Quickly reframe with a positive statement.

Taking these steps can transform your life. I’m here for you if you need further support in letting go of blocks that are holding you back from living the life you so desire.