Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway


Susan Jeffers, PhD author of Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway encourages her readers to do what they fear most. Sounds scary doesn’t it? But the fact of the matter is if we get too much in our heads the fear will paralyze us and we will continue to live an unlived life.

As a certified life coach for women, I echo Susan’s sentiments throughout sessions to encourage my clients to live their lives to the fullest. In 2016, I  walked the talk.  I upped and moved to Florida after being a South Jersey resident for 35 years. I left friends with whom I’ve shared deep friendships for years and closed my face-to-face practice in Moorestown, NJ., downsized, and purchased a condo.

During my first two weeks in Florida, I felt like a fish out of water. Everything was so new. I was so discombobulated I couldn’t even find my condo on my first day here! Luckily for me, a kind groundskeeper led the way.

As I unpacked, I longed for my girlfriends to help me through this process. Realizing that it was just too much for one person, I hired a fabulous handyman who helped me hang pictures, discarded all the packing material, and fixed things that needed to be cared for.

Fast forward, I love my condo and have adapted to living in a smaller space. I feel so blessed to have such a great layout and a spectacular view from my courtyard of palm trees and lush Florida foliage. I’ve made some wonderful new friends with whom I do so many fun things. I’ve even taken up pickleball which I am so proud of myself for doing since I have never been athletic.

Thanks to new technology, my practice has sustained the move. Now, I do a lot of national Zoom or telephone coaching sessions. I still miss my friends but our friendship has sustained the move. Some of my friends have visited me a  number of times and find Jupiter, FL an absolute paradise.  Having such great weather during the dreary winter months up north doesn’t hurt as a  lure to bring them here.

I am delighted I felt the fear and made this move to enhance my life.

I encourage you to feel the fear and take the next step to lead a more fulfilling life. If you need support in taking the leap don’t hesitate to contact me.