The Enneagram

A Personality Mapping System for Self -Discovery and Personal Growth

Awaken to the Best Version of You

Are you seeking answers as to why you are holding onto habitual ways of thinking and behaving that are not in your best interest? Look no further, there is a powerful and dynamic personality mapping system, the Enneagram that accurately describes nine distinct and fundamentally different personality styles, each of which has its own pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting.

It’s value lays in its ability to awaken you to the habitual behaviors and attitudes of your type that are preventing you from reaching your highest potential. Once this awakening occurs, you connect to your true essence, the YOU in your purest form brimming with unlimited potential . 

Lift the Curtain to Reveal Your Essential Nature

“When we are at the highest level of our personality type, we are close to our most expansive nature. We experience lightness in ourselves and in an entirely different place than when our personality is constricted. It is as if there’s a large clear window and we experience the beauty warmth and embrace of the sun. Each time we drop down a level in our personality, it is as if a translucent curtain falls between us and the sunshine. Conversely, the spiraling movement upward is like lifting curtains, one at a time to reveal more light, our essential nature.”

~ Roxanne Howe Murphy, Ed.D

Enneagram Interpretative Personality Typing

An integral part of my practice is the use of the RHETI personality assessment developed by Don Riso and Russ Hudson, renowned Enneagram scholars. This transformative tool enables me to deepen my understanding of each woman who chooses the services I offer and customize sessions based on their personality type .

The use of this personality mapping system is what sets me apart from other professionals who exclusively serve women. I’m one of a specialized group of professionals recognized by the International Enneagram Association for Enneagram Interpretative Personality Typing. Throughout my years of practice, I have witnessed countless women releasing constrictive personality patterns and awaken to a more expansive version of themselves as they embrace the Enneagram as a source for self-discovery and personal growth.

Transformative Exploration of the Enneagram


Delve into your particular Enneagram type to gain a clearer vision of who you truly are and examine the behaviors that can trip you up in life so that you can become unstoppable


Begin to let go of your false persona and take on the positive qualities of your type


Discover the factors that influenced the unfolding of your type


Identify your strengths and talents so that you can align with your life purpose


Learn when you are plummeting into the lower level of your type to prevent an unconscious way of living

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