Discover Your Life’s Purpose


Within each woman lays a special life purpose. Dudley Lynch, author of Strategy of the Dolphin defines living with purpose in several different ways. He states, ” Purpose serves as an anchor- a device of the mind to provide some stability, to keep from tossing us to and fro, from inflicting constant seasickness of us. Or we can think of our purpose as being a master of a nautical chart marking rocks, sandbars, and derelicts something to guide us and keep us on course. Perhaps the most profound thing we can say about being on purpose is that when that is our status, our condition, and our comfort we find our lives have meaning and when we are “off purpose” we are confused about meanings and motives. Our purpose creates a bounce in our step and in the flow feeling.”

Prior to opening Path Seekers Life Coaching, I engaged in writing a life purpose statement to help me gain clarity on what I was meant to do with my life. I had lost my path and was working at a job that enabled me to be financially secure and had great benefits, but it was not feeding my soul. With each passing day, I felt that I was moving further and further away from my authentic self.

After many attempts at writing a life purpose statement, I  finally wrote one that resonated with me. It felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulder! I’d like to share it with you. My life purpose is to help women become more empowered in their lives so that they can live with purpose and passion. This prompted me to ask myself how was I going to fulfill my life’s purpose.  I decided the best path for me to take was to go back to school and become certified as a life coach and specialize in coaching women in transition. It also inspired me to become a certified consulting hypnotist and gain advanced certifications in the field of hypnosis. Since I was aligned with my life’s purpose, I intuitively knew that this additional knowledge and training would be of benefit to the women drawn to my practice.  Now, each day I awake feeling so aligned with my life’s purpose.

Although it may seem very structured, I encourage you to formulate a life purpose statement. A life purpose statement is reflective of what makes you feel alive and “in the flow’. It should be inspiring, succinct, and engaging. When creating the statement, use action verbs, and define who it is that you were sent here to help or what you are passionate about. It should also reflect your core values.

Here are some clues that you have connected with your purpose:

  1. You feel the connection with the purpose you have described.
  2. You have a desire to fulfill it.
  3. You feel deep pleasure when you act in concert with it.
  4. Your interest naturally gravitates toward fulfilling it.

According to Panache Desai, a luminary in the field of personal growth each of us has a soul signature that prompts us to embrace our life’s purpose. This signature is who you are at your core, the most authentic part of you.  Take the time to discover the real you and your life’s purpose will unfold.