Discover the Different Parts Of Yourself Through Hypnotherapy

Have you ever struggled with one part of you wanting to do something and the other part of you not wanting to?  It may feel like an inner battle is raging deep within you and you just don’t know what to do. On the other hand, you may not even be aware that there is a part residing within you that is causing you to repeat behaviors that you know are wreaking havoc but you continue to engage in them. You then begin to beat yourself up for your inability to break free from them.

You don’t have to keep living with this inner conflict! 

Parts Mediation Therapy 

Parts Mediation Therapy is a hypnotherapy technique based on the concept that our personality is composed of an infinite number of various parts. We all experience this each day when we notice a conflict within ourselves. Perhaps you have made a conscious decision to begin to eat healthily but once you are out to dinner another part of you wants to order a piece of delicious chocolate cake. At the conscious level, you try to will yourself not to order it but something comes over you and you just go for it. You may beat yourself up for not having willpower but it is so much more than that.

What Is Going On? 

There is a part of you that convinces you that you deserve that yummy dessert since you have had such a hard week while the other part wants you to eat healthy because it knows you will feel much better physically and mentally.

The Inner Battle Of Opposing Parts 

As you can see, there are two opposing parts which then leads to inner conflict. This is at a level below our awareness The beauty of  Parts Mediation Therapy is that, within a hypnotic trance,  these parts are brought to the surface,  are allowed to have their own voice, and even have their own name.

I guide the client into a state of hypnosis and then talk to that part of the subconscious that wants to prevent the client from changing and then talk to the part motivating the client to improve her life. The process resembles mediation, in that I ask poignant questions in order to help the parts resolve their own differences.

Transformational Aspects of Parts Mediation 

Women who seek this type of hypnotherapy find this process transformational.  No longer is there an inner battle raging within them.  They finally break free from destructive habits and attitudes that have been plaguing them for years.

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