Adding Afformations For A Different Twist to Self- Love

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.”
~ Buddha

Does this sound familiar? You look into the mirror and say to yourself, “I am lovable and worthy” and immediately reject this statement saying, “Yeah, right…” If this happens it is because your core beliefs about yourself are stored at the subconscious level. So, you can say positive things about yourself over and over but if your subconscious continually rejects them you’ll have a hard time accepting affirmations.

The good news is that within the past five years, researchers have discovered a more powerful method of creating positive change in the way you think and live your life. Instead of using affirmations, they suggest using afformations.

What Are Afformations?
The best way to define afformations is to compare them with affirmations. Afformations just like affirmations, focus on the positive. The key difference, however, is asking a positive question rather than using a statement.
Noah St. John, the innovator of this new terms and process suggests that our minds appreciate questions and is eager to search for answers. He likens this process to an “automatic search function” in the brain. Whereas affirmations can end up becoming rote, afformations remain challenging. St. John would agree that sometimes it’s not the answers but the questions that make a difference.

Your mind is like a computer and will continue to search for the answers. Once you put your afformations into motion and keep asking new questions your subconscious mind will search for the answer. Begin to jot down your answers. If nothing shows up let it go for a few days and let your subconscious mind search for the answer. You’ll be surprised at how easily the answers will begin to appear in your life.

Moving Into Self-Love Using Afformations
Are you ready for a new twist on self-growth? Try this new method on for size and ask yourself the following questions to promote self-love. You will amaze yourself with your responses.
• Why am I so lovable?
• Why is self-love coming so easily to me?
• Why do I delight in being me?
• Why does my existence make the world such a better place to live?

Give yourself a gift of love and practice using Afformations.  A whole new lovable you can begin to surface!