The Pathway Process™ for Women

The Pathway Process™ Was Born Out of My Own Personal Awakening

The Pathway Process™ was born out of my own personal awakening, coupled with the disillusionment I felt with “generic” models of how to help women. I was determined to create a customized process that acknowledges the uniqueness of each woman and addresses their particular needs. Viewing women from this lens, has enabled me to help countless women transform their lives.

I’m confident that you too can be one of these women!

the Pathway Process™ helps you awaken to your true essence

Regardless of what life transition, challenge, trauma, or career dissatisfaction you currently face, the Pathway Process™ helps you awaken to your true essence. This is the part of you that can never be destroyed.

Your true essence holds the key to unlock your talents and strengths, your essential qualities, and your life purpose. It hasn’t been overlaid with others’ opinions, values, standards, or the impact of emotional wounding.

It is you in the purest form—brimming with unlimited potential.

Lift the Curtain to Reveal Your Essential Nature

“When we are at the highest level of our personality type, we are close to our most expansive nature. We experience lightness in ourselves and in an entirely different place than when our personality is constricted. It is as if there’s a large clear window and we experience the beauty warmth and embrace of the sun. Each time we drop down a level in our personality, it is as if a translucent curtain falls between us and the sunshine. Conversely, the spiraling movement upward is like lifting curtains, one at a time to reveal more light, our essential nature.”



Illuminating the Path of Self Discovery and Fulfillment

The Pathway Process™ ignites your path of self-discovery using the Enneagram Personality Mapping System. This transformational tool helps you to identify your unique personality type, and your talents and strengths. Additionally, it shines the light on constrictive patterns that are preventing you from living life from a place of expansiveness.

Learning how to release these constrictive patterns provides a powerful key to free yourself from limiting behaviors and attitudes. The Enneagram opens the door to self-awareness . You can begin to live life from an expansive sense of self. No longer are you a slave to your personality. Your true nature begins to emerge illuminating a path filled with limitless possibilities. 


Gain A Sense Of Empowerment Using Your
Personalized Toolbox for Self-Discovery

To strengthen your journey of self-discovery, you’ll gain access to your own client library that houses power packed assessment and introspective exercises personalized for your unique personality type. Image what it will feel like knowing you have a toolbox of proven techniques that can help you deal with whatever comes your way. You can start taking your life back and become that unstoppable you!

Your responses will serve as talking points throughout our sessions to promote personal and professional growth. You will have access to the library without any additional cost.

True, transformation only happens through an awakening of your true self. The Pathway Process™ excavates the essence of who you are, reconnects you to your core values, your strengths and talents, your life purpose and enables you to let go of the false beliefs, and the wounding that have held you back in life.

 Conquer The Voice Of Your Inner Critic

Experiencing the Pathway Process™ will enable you to conquer the voice of your Inner Critic and rise into the woman you were created to be. It’s the part of you that relentlessly criticizes you and makes you feel less than who you truly are. If you allow it to, it will sabotage your awakening by convincing you it is better to play it safe rather than shine your light in the world.

You’ll discover the negative internal dialogue your Inner Critic feeds you and learn how to detach from it. Bringing it out of the shadows will empower you and help you reconnect to your true self and your heart’s desire.

Finally, you can …

Rewrite Your Story and Create the Life You Were Meant to Live

As you begin to loosen the grip of the Inner Critic, you’ll let go of the story that holds you back in life. You’ll gain a heightened state of awareness when you are in your story noticing your thoughts and the physical and emotional reaction to it. This conscious state of being facilitates the ability to change the story line and connect to the truth of who you really are.

"I feel a great sense of relief and confidence after working with Melinda. I always looked forward to her empowering sessions. Melinda not only helped me rediscover my interests, she also helped me to honor and validate them. I also learned to release my inhibitions surrounding my true desires and to have patience with my journey. I am now stepping into my next path with a renewed faith and enthusiasm and I owe it to Melinda and the coaching system she designed, The Pathway Process. I now have embraced my true essence. Thanks Melinda!"


Powerful Pathways to Facilitate Transformation

The Pathway Process ™can be experience through three distinct paths: Life Coaching, Hypnosis, or a combination of both using Hypnocoaching. Regardless of what path you choose, you’ll experience an awakening that will enable you to gain the clarity about who you are and how you can begin to live a more fulfilling life.