4 Tips To Move Into Self Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, you either love it or hate it. For all of you single women out there this day may feel like rubbing salt into a raw wound. You may be wondering how you are going to survive this day. There is no one special someone in your life that is going to shower you with roses, take you on a romantic getaway, and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. But wait a minute, is that really true?

There is a special someone in your life and that is YOU.

For those of you who are in committed relationships, Valentine’s Day can be plagued with disappointment. You dream that you are going to be swept off your feet in a sea of romance; instead, you get the obligatory box of chocolates, and a bunch of roses that look like they’ve been attacked by an angry swarm of bees.

If you are either single, married, or in a committed relationship, I suggest that you reframe your thinking around Valentine’s Day and celebrate the one person in your life that is tried and true- YOU. Too many women put their life on hold waiting to enjoy life until “the right one comes along or wait for someone else to tell them they are lovable.

Put Your Heart and Soul into Planning Your Valentine’s Celebration
Quiet your mind and think of the type of environment that will nurture your soul on this special day. Remember, this day is all about YOU. When that vision comes to mind, begin to think of the steps you need to take to create that environment. For example, maybe what came to you is that you feel frazzled and are in need of something that will soothe your soul. Armed with this information, you then decided to book a full day at the local spa. By taking this action step, you have created a positive experience surrounding Valentine’s Day. Your subconscious mind will now register it as a feel-good experience and begin to transmit serotonin, a feel-good hormone throughout your body. Who doesn’t need a shot of that?

Loving Self-Talk

Instead of plummeting into a funk because you are not hearing that special phrase, I Love You or if you feel you don’t hear it enough begin to engage in loving self-talk. Take out a piece of paper and begin to answer these questions:
• What are some loving things I can say to myself today?
• What do I love most about myself?
• What makes me a loving person?
• What makes me so lovable?

Your subconscious mind will search for the answer. You’ll be surprised at how easily the answers will begin to flow. Really take these answers to heart and by doing so you will strengthen your love of self. This is such an important step to take. We cannot expect someone else to love us if we do not love ourselves.

Wear the Colors of the Heart Chakra
Deepak Chopra, a prominent new age thought leader and author suggests wearing the colors of the heart which are green and pink. Green is the color of nature, family, and healing, and therefore engenders peace and tranquility when you wear it. Pink is also an essential color for the heart chakra. It’s the color of mother love and is found in the aura of all babies and young children, according to The Book of Chakras, by Ambika Wauters. Pink is soft, sweet, and soothing; it lifts the spirit and encourages compassion.

Chant the Mantra of the Heart
Each chakra has a seed sound that is said to encapsulate the entire essence of the energy center. The sound for the heart chakra is “yam” (rhymes with Mom), and chanting it adjusts the vibration of the heart like a tuning fork. Sit up tall, close your eyes, and repeat the sound “yam” to feel the energy of self-love flow through your heart.

Give yourself a gift of love and be your own Valentine. A whole new lovable you can begin to surface.