5 Steps to Awaken the Best Version of You

Just as nature begins the cycle of renewal, you too can begin this process. Listed below are five steps to get your juices flowing and begin your metamorphosis.

Self Renewal Leads to a More Fulfilling Life

1. Unplug – Make a commitment to become UNPLUGGED at least once a week. Turn off your smartphone, computer, and other gadgets, and give yourself time to contemplate what you need to feel more renewed.

2. Forgiveness – Holding onto resentment, anger, and hurt only harms you. Begin to deepen into a place of forgiveness for the person or persons that have hurt you. Forgiveness does not mean you condone what they have done, or that you forget what they have done. Furthermore, it does not mean that you will forget. Forgiveness is a change that happens inside of you that frees you from the past. You no longer are a victim; you take back your power.
You can write a letter to the person or person that has hurt you. Get everything off your chest. Once you do that either burn it or rip it up. After you’ve done this, take a deep breath in a say, “I release all of the hurt, anger, and resentment I have been holding onto”. On the inhale say, I forgive you and as I do I set myself free.”

3. Standards– Look at the standards you are holding onto. Are any of them
outdated? Do you need to let go of some? What are some new standards
that will help you live a more fulfilling life?

4. De-clutter your space. Having too much clutter or an unclean or untidy environment prevents creative energy from flowing into your life. Make a commitment to tackle the clutter in your life. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to open up your energy flow and renew your life.

5. Learn Something New – Fire up new neuro-pathways in your mind by learning something new. This reduces boredom, sharpens your memory, strengthens your skill level, and enhances your self-confidence.

It is my hope that you try a few of these suggestions, or get inspired to come up with a few ideas of your own. Take charge of your own awakening!